Run a bitcoin full node

It is actually extremely easy to run a full bitcoin and lightning node from a Raspberry PI with the free and open source software Umbrel.

What you’ll need:

Next head over to the Umbrel website and download the Umbrel OS for you’re new raspberry pi onto your computer.

Then you’ll want to head over to and download the Balena Etcher as it is required to flash the Umbrel OS file you just downloaded to your new microSD card. Plug the microSD card into your computer, (with any microSD card reader). Open Balena Etcher and follow the simple directions to flash the Umbrel OS zip file onto the microSD card.

Once done, remove the microSD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi 4, connect the 1TB+ SSD to the Raspberry Pi’s USB 3.0 port (blue). Next using the Ethernet Cable connect your Raspberry Pi to your router, connect the power supply and power up your new, full bitcoin (and lightning) node!

Lastly after you have powered up your new node, wait a few minuets (5), and then go to http://umbrel.local from any device connected on the same network. From there you will see your node dashboard, including the node status, wallet, apps and more.

And that’s it! That is basically all there is to setting up your own full node. By running your own node you are helping increase the strength of the network, while increasing your own privacy, security, and can prove ownership of your bitcoin without relying on any third party. Umbrel comes with several apps, its own bitcoin explorer, and its own app store full of useful bitcoin and lightning tools, all ran privately from your own personal node.

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