Wasabi - Bitcoin Privacy Wallet

Wasabi - Bitcoin Privacy Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is true to its motive in providing its users with complete privacy. Wasabi wallet’s documentation is completely open-source and it is a desktop wallet supporting all major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This wallet is built with C# and wrapped with TOR browser and its major feature CoinJoin helps users to obfuscate their bitcoin transactions. The installation process is also simple, users can download and install the wallet from wasabiwallet.io.

Generating New Wallet

There is no limit on the number of bitcoin wallets that can be generated, with Wasabi users can create multiple unique bitcoin wallets.

The process is also straightforward, users would just need to go to the File option and click on Generate Wallet. After typing in your wallet name and password, you can click on Generate.

This would create you a new secure wallet, after which you will be shown 12 recovery words. You have to note these words down and store them in a secured place.

Receiving and Sending Bitcoin

Users can use labels for their generated bitcoin addresses, this helps in identifying the address easily. Wasabi makes sure that these labels are securely encrypted within the user’s computer.

Bitcoin addresses are also shown in QR code format so that users can use their phone QR code scanners to get the bitcoin address easily.

While sending bitcoins users need to select the bitcoin address and should input their password to complete the transaction. Users can also choose their own fees, this determines the confirmation time taken for the transaction to complete.

The minimum amount that can be transacted is 0.1 BTC and the transaction is shown in the history tab with the transaction ID.


  • As stated earlier, the main feature of Wasabi is, it is non-custodial and highly focused on user privacy.
  • By using CoinJoin and Tor wasabi makes it hard for anyone to spy on your transactions.
  • The protocol used by Wasabi is Neutrino, which uses the client to complete functions. This helps in reducing the dependence on servers.
  • The only bitcoin can be transacted using Wasabi wallet, this makes the whole user interface simpler.
  • The best part about Wasabi is it is open source and it has very good documentation. Anyone can learn about the Wasabi wallet using these documentations and it can be found here: https://docs.wasabiwallet.io/using-wasabi/ELI5.html.
  • Wasabi uses BIP157–158 architecture which makes the wallet highly flexible in functionalities.
  • Wasabi also comes with features like Clipboard Hijacker Defense that helps in preventing malware attacks. Even when your computer gets compromised your bitcoins are safe as long as the hacker does not know your password. So, it is imperative that users should secure their passwords efficiently and should have strong passwords.


Although only bitcoin support is a drawback for Wasabi wallet, considering the privacy features users can use Wasabi wallet without any second thought.

The user interface is easy to use with only a few tabs and options. The wallet also has detailed documentation on how to use it, where all the features of the wallet are explained in detail.

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