Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet created by Viktor Radchenko and later acquired by Binance in 2018 is one of the most popular wallets in crypto-space. Trust Wallet is an all-in-one mobile crypto wallet application and it is available in both google play and the app store.

Not only crypto-currencies, but trust wallet also supports NFT, collections, and many other digital assets. According to their website, the wallet supports more than 160k+ digital assets.

Users can also earn some passive income using Trust Wallet, through staking users can lock their coins through smart contracts and can earn some extra income. This is best suitable for long-term coin holders.

The interest rates provided by the wallet are also highly attractive and are up to a maximum of 130% APR. Trust wallet also supports DApps, where users can go through the Dapp applications using the Dapp browser provided by the trust wallet.

Other than English, the wallet also supports different languages for different countries like Russian, German, Vietnamese, and many more. Trust wallet is also known to be Binance’s official wallet.


Using Trust Wallet

Trust wallet can be downloaded from either the play store or the app store. Once downloaded and installed, users, can launch the app. There is also no KYC required to start using the wallet.

The first thing the app would ask the users to download a 12-word recovery key phrase, this recovery key phrase should be stored in a secured location.

Users can send, receive or buy cryptocurrencies using the appropriate options. Through the walletConnect option in the settings tab, users can connect to any dapp of their preference without compromising private keys.

By clicking on the chart icon of a cryptocurrency users can get price details, market cap, and other details about the crypto-currency.

Users can stake their crypto-currencies and can earn some passive income using the finance tab. By using the collectible option users can receive collectible assets like NFTs into their wallets. Using the Dex tab users can either swap or exchange their crypto-currencies.



  • Users can set price alerts for their preferred crypto-currency, through the settings tab.
  • App lock feature allows the users to lock the wallet for a certain time period and the users can unlock the app either through Face ID or passcode.
  • Like many other popular wallets, the Trust wallet’s source code is also open source and it is audited periodically by one of the trusted security firms called Stateful.
  • The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.
  • The wallet does not store the user’s private keys in its servers, instead, it is stored on the user’s device. This makes sure that the user’s privacy is not compromised.
  • Trust wallet is completely free to use, there is no fee to download or to use the app. But there is a gas fee that the users have to pay for miners to do the transaction.



As we discussed above there are a lot of positive factors to use Trust Wallet, it is easy to use and provides many extra features rather than just sending and receiving crypto.

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