Samourai is another popular mobile crypto wallet that can even be used offline. The wallet is non-custodial and the users are given their private keys for the wallets.

The identity of the users doing the transaction is masked, which makes sure that the user’s privacy is not compromised. The wallet is also SegWit compatible and the fee is fixed for transactions.

The data of the Samourai wallet is encrypted within the phone using military-grade encryption called AES-256 encryption. There is also a network health monitoring feature         where Samourai monitors the network health of bitcoin and intimates the user when there is any discrepancy.

Currently, the wallet is available only for Android users, although its UI features are not that great, but the privacy features are the best in the industry.


Privacy Features of Samourai Wallet

  • The VPN option of the wallet enables the users to connect their own VPN wallet or they can also use the TOR VPN feature provided by the wallet.
  • Like Wasabi wallet, Samourai uses the Coinjoins feature for mixing the transactions. Users can use the Whirlpool feature of Samourai which enables Coinjoin to generate collaborators for the transaction.
  • There is also the Stowaway feature, which obfuscates the receiving and sending address of the crypto transaction. On top of unlike Coinjoin, Stowaway also obfuscates the amount of the transaction. This gives better privacy for the users and prevents transaction spying.
  • Ricochets features allows complicating the transaction path by adding hops to the transactions. Every hop is a separate transaction to hide the starting and receiving address. Users need to pay an extra fee for these hop transactions.
  • Paynyms feature allows the user to generate new addresses for each transaction. This makes sure that no same address is used for multiple transactions. This helps in preventing the tracking of transactions using addresses.


Other Important Features

  • Samourai wallet implements a feature called “Smart Miner Fees” which calculates the fee for the transaction according to the congestion in the bitcoin network. The wallet also supports SegWit which helps in keeping the miner fees as low as possible.
  • The wallet combines multiple small transactions into batch-wise transactions. This helps in further lowering the mining fees.
  • The Stealth mode feature helps the users to hide the wallet app on their android device. This prevents the app to pop up on the home screen or during the search. To access the app users, need to dial a secret code.
  • If the device gets stolen or lost, users can use the wallet’s “Remote Wipe” feature which erases the application through SMS. That is, users can delete the wallet app from the device by just sending an SMS command.
  • Samourai Wallet also supports OpenDime which is hardware that can be used to check crypto balances or to do a transaction.


From the above points, we can see that the main focus of the Samourai wallet is privacy and it comes with various features to give the best privacy experience for users possible.

There is also good support for the wallet users, the users can access the support here:

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