Munn - Lightning Wallet

Munn - Lightning Wallet

If you are looking for a self-custodial wallet that can do transactions at lightning-fast speed, then the Munn wallet is your place to go. The wallet developed in Argentina has some of the best crypto experts behind its development.

Munn wallet is a mobile wallet and supports both Android users and IOS users. The wallet also has good ratings in both google play and the app store. Right now, the wallet supports only bitcoin.

The wallet is completely open-source and its source code is available in Github, where developers can check the code for any vulnerabilities. This shows that the developers are transparent with their service and are following the crypto philosophy.

It also has a lot of safety features like the Emergency Kit download feature, where users can back up both their private keys and output descriptors.


How to use Munn Wallet

To start using the Munn Wallet users need to create an account by entering their E-mail address and creating a Pin number. Both these details are necessary for logging into the wallet.

By going into the contact section users can send crypto to their friends in their contact list. The user interface is very simple in design and easy to use with few menu options.

To receive crypto users, need to click on the receive option and can share their crypto address either through QR code or in text format. Users can also pair their hardware wallet with the Munn wallet, the most commonly used hardware wallet is Trezor.

Users can send bitcoins using the send option and the bitcoins can be transferred using the lightning network, this speeds up the transaction. Users are required to pay two types of fees called Lightning Network Fee and Swap Fee.

Munn wallet uses mempool- based estimator to calculate the fees, this makes sure that users get the lowest fee possible for doing the bitcoin transaction.



  • Munn wallet provides two types of recovery options, users can either store their recovery code in cold storage in the form of paper or they can also opt for multi-factor authentication with email, password, and recover code combination.
  • Another safety feature is Munn wallet uses 2-of-2 multi-signature wallet feature, which makes sure that 2 private keys are required to do a transaction. So, even when your device gets stolen or hacked only one key will be in the phone and your funds would remain safe.
  • Munn wallet is SegWit supported, this helps in reducing the transaction fees for the users.
  • Users can also track their transactions using the history tab.
  • The theme of the wallet can also be changed to dark mode and light mode simultaneously.
  • Customer support is also good and right now users can get their support either in the English language or in the Spanish language.



The only limitation is right now the wallet can be used only to transact bitcoins. But this also makes the whole process simple and straightforward.

New users who are trying to get into bitcoins can use the Munn wallet, the whole process of the transaction would just take minutes to complete and there is also good support available.

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