Math Wallet

Math Wallet

If you’re looking for a wallet that supports both multichain tokens and Dapps then you can look into math wallet. Awarded as the best blockchain wallet by Binance math wallet comes with a lot of useful features.

Math wallet supports over 69 public block chains, one of the best use cases of math wallet is its Dapp Store. Anyone can submit their Dapps and once approved it appears in the wallet’s Dapp store. Also, math wallet is backed by some of the leading players in the industry like Fenbushi Capital, Binance labs and many more.


According to their website math wallet, it is used by close to 2 million users worldwide. The wallet has more than 5000+ Dapps supported and its presence is in over 150+ countries. Also, with respect to chat applications, math wallet has over 30000 users in telegram and 10,000 users in WeChat.

Earn Money

Math wallet also enables its users to earn money using their idle crypto. By using math vault users can stake their crypto and earn interest on them.

These interests are paid into the user’s wallet on a daily basis. If a user wants to withdraw his Crypto, he has to submit a withdrawal request and it takes 7 to 21 days to process the withdrawal.

The interest rates are calculated on the basis of compounding method so the users will be able to earn higher level of interest. Users can also earn rewards by referring their friends to math wallet. once referred the user would be able to earn 20% bonus of his friend’s profits.

At present their APR is above 8%, so in 12 months for an investment of $1000, a user can earn up to 83 dollars.


  • Math wallet has its own token called Math Token which can be used to purchase the products available within the wallet.
  • If you want to know about the latest developments in the blockchain community then there is Math News, which gives latest updates and price information.
  • Math wallet is available for both iphone and android application. It can also be accessed through many other browsers like chrome browser, firefox and many more.
  • Math wallet has good community following in online chat applications like telegram, discord and many more, these groups are useful in discussing about new blockchain technologies.
  • Math wallet is also highly secure to use and the wallet updates itself with new features time to time.
  • Using Math Pay users can instantly complete their transactions.
  • There is also a knowledge base with a list of tutorials, where users can learn more on how to use the wallet.


Math wallet with its various features and easy to use interface has acquired millions of users globally. Almost all major blockchain networks are supported in this wallet, it is also easy to use and highly secure.

From the above points, we can see that the math wallet can also be used to earn money and

users can also accept their Crypto payment using math pay.


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