Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet

Guarda wallet is a popular crypto wallet with good reviews everywhere. It even has a 4.7 score at trust pilot. Contrary to many other popular wallets, Guarda can be used on desktop, mobile, and also through the web.

The wallet is available in App Store and Google Play Store, for desktop users the wallet is available for Windows OS. Guarda tries to provide all services that could be available for crypto enthusiasts.

Other than buying and transacting crypto, users can also stake and earn with crypto assets. There is also a chrome extension available for easy installation.

There is also a crypto exchange feature, where users can exchange more than 50+ cryptocurrencies instantly. According to their website, users can earn up to 40% annual yield by skating their cryptocurrencies.

Guarda supports over 50 major blockchains and users can transact over 400K tokens within a single dashboard. There is also a referral program where users can earn crypto by referring their friends to use Guarda wallet.

Using Guarda Wallet

Guarda has made sure that their wallet is easy to use and transact. Users can straight-away go to the Guarda wallet homepage and click on the “Launch App” option.

After clicking on Launch App, users can either create a new wallet or can restore or import their funds through a backup password and private keys.

While creating a new wallet users have to make sure that they have written down their password in a safe place. This password is required to access the wallet, if it gets missed then the user’s wallet cannot be retrieved.

Once logged in users can click on the coin of their choice and can get all the information about the coin and can start doing their transaction. Users also have the flexibility to change the fee for the transaction, but it should be noted that lower fees can lead to longer transaction time.

Users can also connect their hardware ledger through the connect option shown in the wallet’s dashboard. Also, using the wallet’s backup feature users can backup their wallet as a file.


  • Instead of passwords, users can also log in through face recognition and Id recognition.
  • Users can exchange their crypto using the exchange service instantly, but a fee of 3.5% is charged for every transaction.
  • The best part about using Guarda wallet is their customer support, users can create new tickets for their issue through the wallet’s customer support dashboard. These tickets are resolved as quickly as possible by Guarda’s support team.
  • The wallet supports non-custodial data storage, so no critical user information is stored in company’s servers. Even in case of servers getting hacked, the user’s information and funds are safe.


The main focus of Guarda wallet is to make crypto transactions as simple as possible within a single user interface. Which the wallet has achieved and it is getting good feedback from its users.

As discussed earlier through staking users can earn passive income from their coins. So, we can say that the Guarda wallet provides attractive features for both new users and long-time holders.

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