Coinomi - Bitcoin and multi-coin wallet

Coinomi - Bitcoin and multi-coin wallet

Coinomi, launched in 2014 is one of the most popular blockchain wallets used why millions of people all around the world. Also, there are more than 125 blockchains that can support Coinomi wallet.

It is also Segwit enabled and supports over 25 languages. The best part is we can avail all these features for free. Using Coinomi, other than cryptocurrencies we can also store NFTs, collectibles and many other assets.


Using Coinomi Wallet

When you launch the application in your mobile, you will be shown two options. Using those options, you can either create new wallet or restore your previous wallet.

You have to remember that you can only restore your previous wallet with your secret 24 words recovery phrase.

If you want to create a new wallet, then you can click on the first option and you will be given a new 24 words recovery phrase. You can store this phrase somewhere, where you can remember.

After which you need to add the coins, you want and you must also accept to their terms for using the wallet.

Once completed your wallet is ready to use and you can start doing transactions by selecting the cryptos shown in the dashboard.


One of the major reasons for the popularity of coinomi wallet is its provided features. Coinomi comes with a lot of features like:

  • Multiple Wallets:

You can have multiple wallets within Coinomi by using the “Manage Wallets” option.

  • 24/7 Customer support:

Even though it is free to use, Coinomi provides its users with 24/7 customer support.

  • Sweep Wallet:

You can integrate your paper wallets using this option.

  • Card Purchase:

Although its expensive, you can also directly purchase crypto with credit cards.

  • Integrated Exchanges:

There are also exchanges like Changelly and Coinswitch integrated with Coinomi, you can use these exchanges to instantly exchange your crypto assets.

  • Gift Cards:

In addition to crypto withdrawals, you can also withdraw your funds in the form of gift cards using this option.


Ease Of Use

If you are running short of time and you want to do a crypto transaction, then Coinomi could be highly useful. You can sign up, create and do a crypto transaction within minutes.

It is also highly secure to use, your transaction is secured from third-party users and there is also no KYC required to access your funds.

There is both desktop version and mobile version to access the application. You can also change the theme of the application to either dark or light, according to your preference.



Coinomi tries to be a all-in-one application for crypto-asset management and they are always updating their application with new features.

Over the years Coinomi has also proven to be highly secure for both storing and transacting crypto-assets. Also, with its multi-language support Coinomi has become popular globally and is acquiring thousands of new users everyday.

Coinomi also ticks the box when it comes to DeFi support, users can access any popular DeFi exchanges from within the Coinomi Wallet.

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