Bybit Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bybit Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bybit Exchange Review

By: Ken

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Ben Zhou in March 2018. The exchange firm is in the British Virgin Islands where it has its head offices. The firm’s main objective is to establish a cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange mapped out for investment institutions, retail traders, and professions. Since the crypto market is still in its infancy and quite new to the majority of the people in the world, Bybit majors on its encounter with the traditional financial markets bringing together the very best from both spheres. This edge enables the exchange firm to offer one of the most superb services to their customers in their niche in terms of safety, dependability, and accessibility. Bybit has heightened remarkably in all standards of measure since its startup three years ago. In the fall of 2019, the firm has approximately 150 employees, and the number has doubled as we speak now. Also, it has had remarkable growth in terms of its trading volume with an astounding $528 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020.

On the innovation lane, Bybit is in the race to offer solutions to challenges experienced by most retail and instructions investors in the cryptocurrency niche. Currently, it offers BTC/USD, ETH/USD, EOS/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, LINK/USDT, and XTZ/USDT on its trading platform. It has pioneered in offering strategies and risk management mechanisms to its customers in the cryptocurrency exchange niche from the traditional financial niche. It has a customer-centric business model that aims at providing innovative, professional, and quick-witted trading services to its clients. It also offers a 24/7 online customer support. The client support team is multilingual and is always available for support to customers. To keep up with the changing technology and crypto zone, in particular, Bybit does an introduction to the features of its new products. It also enhances and updates its platform to keep at per with dynamics in liquidity and market depth.

Integrity being a major factor that ruins or builds any business especially exchange firms, Bybit has gone around this by providing one of the fastest, safe and straightforward customer services. Providing the best possible trading experience and security to cryptocurrency traders has been Bybit’s major concern over the years. As their CEO puts it, when developing the platform, they put themselves in the stand of their consumers, something that enables them to know what the customer requirement is and need. They frequently ask for feedback from their customers to guarantee that they are continually upgrading for the better.

Bybit has a great team for product and technology development that helps in update and creation the platform’s sturdiness in speedy trade executions. It has a comparative leadership structure that stimulates a more cooperative working environment. Separate departments and teams frequently do meet-ups to confer with each other and plan futuristic viewpoints on projects. By learning from one another, they create a supportive blanket around the firm that guarantees the wholesome success of the company.

Since Bybit was established for long-term sustainability in the cryptocurrency exchange niche, it aims at growing and enhancing its services to offer its clients a unique and yet superb trading experience. It will continue to heighten and build a robust team of needed expertise to aid its customers to achieve their financial goals. It has also implemented fundamental aspects of trading to allow for more market understanding as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned to give an edge to their customers when trading cryptocurrencies.

Conclusively, Bybit has surfaced itself as a leader in cryptocurrencies’ exchange firms in terms of innovation and customer experience. It sets itself apart from the majority of other exchange firms by setting the pace and giving its competition a run for their money. It has gone to heights never experienced before in cryptocurrency exchanges by providing the best services in the niche. This is inspiring and amazing at the same time. This makes Bybit dynamic and sustainable for the future. In general, this is a platform that I would recommend for a decisive and open- minded trader who is looking for an exchange that can help transform their trading experience and at the same time journey with them on their road to financial freedom in cryptocurrency

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