BRD Wallet

BRD Wallet

BRD Wallet founded in 2015 is a crypto mobile wallet that is completely focused on mobile platforms and has more than $20B worth of crypto assets under protection. This wallet is available in more than 170+ countries and supports up to 14 languages. The wallet is available both in app store and google play store.

The core wallet technology is open source and is licensed under MIT. The user interface is vibrant in color and users don’t have to create new accounts to start using the wallet. So, we can say that the BRD wallet is easy to use for new crypto users.

Not only bitcoins, but the BRD wallet also supports many other alt coins like Ripple, DENT, Dai, and many more. BRD wallet also gives its users with 12 words recovery option, where the user is expected to save these 12 words in a secured place.

The wallet is also well-funded with more than $55 million, the funding is provided by renowned names in the crypto industry like Changelly, Coinify, Simplex, and Wyre. The wallet also has good reviews in both Google Play and the App Store.


Using BRD Wallet

Using BRD wallet is highly straightforward, users can get into their wallets by just using a passcode. Users can purchase bitcoin and other major currencies using BRD wallet.

The wallet supports more than 35+ fiat currencies to purchase crypto. To send and receive crypto, users need to select the crypto of their choice and can either click on the “Send” button or the “Receive” button to start their transaction.

While sending crypto users can select the processing speed for the transaction, this speed determines the fees for the transaction. On the other hand, to receive crypto users can copy their receiving address by clicking on the receive button.



  • The wallet is non-custodial, so users can have their own keys for storing their crypto. For Apple users, the keys can also be backed up with the help of iCloud.
  • The wallet has a good level of customer support and also provides a knowledge base for its users to know about the wallet. The knowledge base can be found here:
  • There is also a reward section where users can find new rewards and offers by BRD Wallet.
  • Users can also send bitcoin as a gift, here the BRD wallet would automatically create a paper wallet for the beneficiary. So, the beneficiary does not require a wallet to get bitcoin as a gift.
  • Since the wallet is integrated with Simplex users can easily purchase bitcoins or any other crypto with their credit cards or debit cards.
  • BRD wallet has never been hacked so far and its security is highly trustworthy, backed by Apple’s encrypted storage feature.



Although the transaction fees are slightly at the higher end, it is acceptable considering the features provided by the wallet and the ease of use of the interface.

Because of the open-source nature of the wallet and there is also no account creation required to start using the wallet. It provides its users with complete privacy protection.

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