Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

What is Atomic Wallet?


Is a non-custodial decentralized wallet from one of the founder of, Konstantin Gladych. Like a lot of other apps or software based wallets it means that you as a user will be solely responsible for your own funds. Atomic Wallet does it in his own way, they give you a personalized backup phrase and private keys that will be all stored in your device locally you read well, they are stored locally that means that is very safe if you are aware and always have your device in best state of security.

Besides their security, they offer several goods as working with 300 crypto currencies and all 23K tokens, a very robust system of exchanges combined with an very beginner friendly UI, making it perfect for new enthusiasts getting into a crypto a good starting point and for more experienced as a safe tool to secure their funds and even test some of their unique staking functionality.

Atomic Wallet as his names suggests features their atomic crypto exchanges, making it possible but being very limited with only 2 cryptocurrency (Something that will change in the future)

How to Install and Set Up Atomic

  • First you will want to download this wallet from the official website:
  • This wallet can be installed on Windows, OSX, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora), Android (available on Google Play and APK).

Installation is simple, just open their setup and installation will start automatically with no steps (If you like to know where your files are located, it’s usually on Users/{username}/DataApp).

After installation is over, Atomic Wallet will open automatically and in their home screen will show you immediately two options (See Image Two). First option is create a NEW WALLET and second is RESTORE FROM BACKUP (Only usable after creating your first wallet)

Pick the first option>Create a New Wallet. It will ask you to create a password and then you’re in. It will create your account and show you a very important message “Please write down a 12-word Backup Phrase and keep the copy in a secure place”. This a backup phrase uniquely given when you create this account and that you should be keeping in a real life paper if possible, because if there’s an instance your pc or device is damaged, chances of you recovering your account are pretty slim.

Note: We recommend creating passwords that are not being use on other platforms; trying to be unique with your 12 backup it will make your security ramp up.

Once you’ve passed this, VOILA! You’ve finished installing the program and send to the main dashboard in Atomic.

When you enter your wallet you will see this front page. In here you’ll be showed a page with all their crypto currencies (300 and a chart so you can be updated with all the moves within your personal device).

Besides their front page, you can check at your left several tabs with many features. Let´s start with the most simple and important: Exchanges.

How to make Exchanges?

In Atomic Wallet this process is very easy. You start with choosing your own crypto currency, the one you want to convert, as you can see is left one. Pick whichever of the 300 currency or tokens you can select in the right box, you will fill with the desired crypto currency to change, at the bottom it will show you how many will turn the currency into.

In this program exchanges are indeed very simple but beware of taxes because they can be pretty high and you can be more benefitted with other avenues of exchange (url to another program or a blog post about exchanges). But if you’re starting or don’t mind taxes it is a very smooth process.

In Exchange tab there’s also Order History, it will you what moves you do and keep it stored locally and in the block chain to be pretty safe.

Buy Crypto

Like previous, is an very simple process but this time instead of filling with crypto the first box it will be filled with a currency like American Dollar for example, in this option you’ll be buying crypto currency, for that reason the way money gets to you would be different even though process may look the same.

When there’s an exchange of crypto, everything is handled in crypto world so process it’s kind of linear (Link explaining for a blog where crypto exchange is explained), but when buying instead you’ll be dealing with currency and is multi-dimensional, the process of checking everything (receipts, payment, blockchain, etc…) could take around 3 hours but you will be sure to get everything. However, keep in mind remember fees.

AWC and Staking

Staking and using of Atomic Wallet Coin for more experienced users is what could be most attractive of this program

Way staking is handled in this program is made very simple, put your cryptos into work and see how in weeks you are going to start seeing a Return of Investment. However, the selling point for staking in Atomic Wallet is thanks to their coin using AWC helps you to use even more features that frees up your experience in Atomic Wallet and also nets you better ROI.


Last tabs are security and private keys. Security lets you change your password and Private keys lets you create another password making more robust your safety with the backup phrases.


Atomic Wallet may not be a very known crytowallet (even tho is rising a lot these past two years) but don’t get fooled, it’s a pretty good app if you are new to crypto world, want more security, smooth exchanges and buys with a friendly but powerful UI.


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